Stuffed Chicken Parmesan


stuffed chicken parmesan - this meal takes 5 minutes of active time and is SO delicious!

One of my favorite meals ever is Chicken Parmesan, hands down.

I love the salty, cheesy, ooey-gooey, sauce-filled bliss that is a good chicken parm. But let’s face it- chicken parmesan, as ordered out, isn’t the most healthy.

The delicious Stuffed Chicken Parmesan recipe I’m sharing today is a lighter, insanely easy version you can make at home with just a few minutes prep time. And it is just as delicious, cheesy, gooey, and addictive!

While this dish is FULL of cheese, and therefore not paleo, it is completely grain-free.

We’re using any type of pasta sauce you like- please check labels if you are gluten-free to avoid contamination especially if you are celiac.

quick and easy stuffed chicken parmesan- this is an insanely delicious meal!

Like most of my recipes, this is a completely adaptable dish. Love pasta sauce, but prefer thyme or oregano to basil? Add those instead. Want a super garlic flavor?

Load that chicken up with big chunks of fresh garlic. Want just a little garlic taste?

Simple a bit of garlic powder with your salt and pepper. You could also swap a red pepper or marinara sauce for standard pasta sauce- or even try a creamy alfredo!

You can serve this with zucchini spaghetti or classic spaghetti for a complete meal, or eat over a salad, in a wrap, or even as a sandwich!

This is a delicious, easy meal that is easy enough to prepare for a crowd and completely versatile. Enjoy changing it up- and let me know what works well for you!


I prefer to bake this recipe on a small Wilton Broiler pan I have that has an insert that has small holes in the bottom – so the juices can run off without making the chicken and cheese soggy.

This isn’t necessary, but it does make a big difference. If you want to use the pan I use, you can buy it here:


If you don’t want to buy another pan, you can easily fashion one – lay a metal cookie rack over a sheet pan in the oven, and lay foil over the cookie rack. poke a few small holes in the foil so the natural cooking juices drop to the sheet pan below, instead of pooling around your chicken.
You could just put the chicken on the cookie rack- but then the cheese might drip and melt all over (and come on- that crunchy, crisp cheese that cooks along the side of a dish in the oven is always the best part, am I right??).

*Since the size of chicken breasts can vary wildly, it is best to monitor the temp of your chicken after 30 minutes and adjust cook time. You want your chicken to cook to 165 degrees – and while this recipe can be made in 35 minutes for a small chicken breast, a larger chicken breast will take more time.

I used very large chicken breasts in the video recipe – so I reduced the number from 4 to 2. This isn’t a complicated recipe – you can easily adjust amounts without throwing the whole thing off. Some people will want more cheese and sauce, some less- some will want fresh herbs, some are fine with dry- some might like red pepper flakes on it, some might not – be creative and have fun, and go with what you know you’ll like!

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Stuffed Chicken Parmesan


Stuffed Chicken Parmesan
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This delicious, lighter chicken parmesan is baked to cheesy perfection!
Recipe type: Main Dish
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
  • 4 medium chicken breasts, butterflied (if using large chicken breasts, as in video, only use two - keep all other ingredients the same. Serving size will still be 4.)
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup+ pasta sauce (i prefer a spicy basil sauce)
  • 1 tsp basil
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp celtic sea salt
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • salt, pepper, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Carefully slice chicken breasts in half, keeping them in-tact, so they open like a butterfly.
  3. Salt and pepper liberally, add spices (if you like extra garlicky chicken parm, you can add as much as 2 cloves per chicken breast!)
  4. Add sauce and cheeses, as well as some chopped basil (I sometimes put in whole basil leaves- but that is up to you and how much basil you like.)
  5. Add to an elevated pan (the kind that drips down below) or wrap in foil and bake for 30 minutes.
  6. Check chicken's temp at 30 minutes and adjust cook time if needed to get to 160 degrees.
  7. When chicken is 160 degrees, sprinkle a little extra cheese on top and continue baking (if you're baking in foil, make sure the foil is open at this part) for another 15 minutes, or until chicken is fully cooked and juices run clear.
  8. Top with additional chopped basil and enjoy!

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stuffed chicken parmesan- this is an easy to make meal your whole family will love!

34 thoughts on “Stuffed Chicken Parmesan”

  1. Wow this was lovely. Adapted a little as no chicken breasts available. Used chicken thighs, seasoned them both sides with all the spices and lay them on the riased and pricked foil, pasta sauce on top, crushed garlic, basil leaves torn up, then the cheeses to which I mixed parsely in, baked until golden gooey brown, it all held together and was wonderful. Thankyou for the idea.

  2. Hi Courtney:
    I love your recipe for Stuffed Chicken Parmesan! I’m putting together a recipe roundup and would like to feature your recipe link with the image. We will not repost the recipe and will also link the image to your site as well. Please let me know if this is ok- thanks! Scott

  3. I’ve made this for my son last week, as he needed a quick meal before dashing out. He liked it so much that he asked for it again a few days later. It was really easy to make and enabled me to use up some Marinara sauce I had lurking in the fridge. A great recipe.

  4. Alright, after eating… Definitely be generous with the garlic paste, if you want garlicky flavor. The cheeses mellow it. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get it to the table, once it went into the oven. Taste wise, it was good (with five children 15 and under, it received positive comments, so that’s good). Something to repeat, but only when I makes sure that I have plenty of time.

    1. Thanks Rachel- I will update with a note. I use pretty small chicken breasts- so I think that was what was off. I will add a note to up the time to 400 if its a big juicy chicken! 🙂

      1. I made this and it was good where it had the sauce and cheese.. But when u are thru eating the middle u are stuck with a plain piece of baked chicken. May want to put marinara over the whole piece along with cheese for extra yumminess

  5. I had really high hopes for this recipe… Unfortunately, the cooking time is WAY off, unless your chicken breasts are really small and thin. At 15 min, mine had barely started to cook, at 30 min, okay, we’re seeing some cooking, and at that point, I cranked the oven to 400, set the timer for (another) 30 min, and made the family their salads, in the hopes that that would hold them until the chicken was ready. Very frustrating! I know that my oven temp is good (we have previously tested it, my DH is a big foodie). So it is either the recipe itself, or the chicken density. Hopefully it will be cooked after an hour, and I can put the cheeses on top. Be forewarned! I will post back about the taste, later.

    1. Despite your assertion, I’m going to go ahead and suggest there’s something very wrong with your oven. Boneless chicken breasts will easily cook through in 15 minutes, 20 max. I can see adding on a few minutes because the breasts are stuffed, but the meat itself is half its original thickness on either side so an hour would be waaaaaay too long to cook it!

  6. This looks incredible! I’m drooling right now. Pinned and tweeted. We are so thrilled to have you at our party. Please stop by on Monday at 7, so we can see your amazing projects. Lou Lou Girls

  7. Mmm… Looks so delicious! I have been on a hunt for more chicken recipes lately. Adding this one to the list.
    Poppin’ over from the Be.You.Tiful Link Party.

  8. I saw this today and just had to try it. I didn’t have fresh basil and garlic so I just used some dried italian seasoning and garlic powder. Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as yours but omg it was delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this. P.S. I baked mine in a glass dish lined with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. SO SIMPLE!

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